Merry Modz is Impact Theory's Holiday Franchise

Merry Modz is a feature-length all-ages holiday tale about SnoBo, a terrified snowman who learns to fight his fears and be brave by banding together with some fellow oddball friends to save Santa.

If Merry Modz were a cooking recipe, you’d take a heaping cup of Christmas magic, mix it with a mound of wild adventure, pound in some crazy humor, and blend aggressively with a heart-felt coming of age story. At its core, this is the tale of a snowboy who must become a snowman in order to save Christmas and thus the world.

It began as a sold-out festive Christmas-themed NFT character collection in November 2021, and is expanding into more media as a family franchise.

Season Greetings From The Creators

Tom and Herrerabox are total Christmas junkies, and couldn’t be more excited to share it with the Impact Theory families around the world. It’s our belief that Web3 has fundamentally changed how communities will interact with the stories we tell. This franchise will be built out across all forms of media over the coming years. We are honored to have you on this journey with us!